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Poster: billymays55 Date: Jul 30, 2012 3:33pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Copyright status of 2 Mannix episodes

Mr. or Mrs. Moongleam (what the hell does Moongleam even mean?)

I don't know if you have internet access down at Alpha's headquaters but a simple Google search would show you Paramount already released Seasons 1 through 7 on DVD.

You really need to stop your thought process of "well so and so put out (insert name here) so it must be PD." You should learn to do your own research and not worry about what everyone else is doing.

I personally have original syndication prints of both titles you are asking about and they bear NO copyright notice (I can provide screen shots).

But here is the kicker, I also have many original syndication Star Trek prints wich also bear NO notice (I can provide screen shots) and you see how Paramount paid someone off to fix that, so I don't really see your point?

Other shows with "public domain" episodes (same studio, same problem)

Mission Impossible
Lucy Show

I also have original 16mm syndication prints of these as well which bear NO copyright notices.

Are they Public Domain? YES 100%

But does it matter? NO

Because Paramount has deep pockets and will and have sued. They will win because the person with the most money always wins especially when you pay off the judge, this is NOT hearsay, this is fact. I have personally experienced it myself and have been sued for public domain features and tv shows and lost. Another thing big studios love to do is find a little guy and just destroy him (as they did in the Star Trek case) and then that sets a precedent.

So your answer is YES they are Public Domain according to United States Copyright Law, but does that matter?? NO!

I know that Alpha was sued over a Public Domain movie they put out when they copied another Public Domain dealers DVD but what they didn't notice was that person changed the movie added "additional soundtrack material." and registered there version and it ended with an out of court settelment. (maybe this was before you worked there)

So not only do you have the major studios claiming there lost public domain movies by claiming underlying rights, music, etc etc....blah blah blah you have other public domain dealers do the same thing

The End

Mr. Billy Mays
Copyright Consultant

PS Have a nice day at the watercooler at Alpha tomorrow, this should give you something to chat about ;)

PSS These are PD as well as they were all registered but never renewed:

Peter Gunn: "Let's Kill Timothy" and "The Fuse"
Wagon Train: "Alias Bill Hawks"
Burke's Law: "Who Killed Jason Shaw?"